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To The Princess Aurelia

Welcome to the World!

Your mom and I have been friends all our lives, and as young girls we did exactly what young girls in the 80’s and 90’s were taught NOT to do – we pricked our fingers and rubbed them together and declared ourselves Blood Sisters. And we have been ever since (although I’m not sure it was public information until now, but as you are being born into the age of inappropriate public sharing on social media it seems as good a time as any).

In any case little one, this makes you my Blood Niece. And though we haven’t met, I love you already.

Recently, I discovered a Boston Globe columnist named Jeff Jacoby, who wrote letters to his son Caleb on each birthday. Reading through them has inspired me to write to you today, and perhaps begin a new tradition of sending you a letter each year on your birthday. Your big brother Sabian will start getting them too, and hopefully he will forgive me for neglecting to write for the first two years. 

You see, your brother was born at a difficult time in my life – a time when it was very hard for me to think about one day having children of my own, which made it difficult to think about my friends having children of their own. I thought maybe we would grow apart. I thought maybe there wouldn’t be a place for me.

Lucky for us, your brother has done a fabulous job of stealing my heart, and your mother has done a fabulous job of reassuring me that our friendship remains strong even though our lives are so very different.

Even though my career is fulfilling but my family has yet to arrive; even though her beautiful family keeps growing while her career isn’t quite what she’d like it to be; even though we’ve both changed so much over the years…what hasn’t changed is how much we love each other. And so, by extension, I love you.

So welcome to the world!

Your name, Aurelia, strikes me as one that belongs in a fairy tale or Disney movie. The Princess Aurelia. 

Princesses are either wonderful or horrid creatures. Either they are beautiful and kind and everyone loves them, or they are spoiled and rotten and not nice to be around.

So, little one, here is my first challenge to you: if you are going to be a princess, be a kind and gentle princess. You will undoubtedly be beautiful either way (you already are!). But be beautiful on the inside too please. Be gracious and loving and good. Be nice to others. Appreciate what you have. 

Because you have so much to be grateful for.

Your parents are good people and loving people and they will work with you to help you be so too, but at some point it will be up to you. So please, don’t waste their efforts.

I can’t wait to meet you in person and I can’t wait to see how you grow and who you become. Even though I won’t be there every day, know that I love you and that I’m always here for you.

Welcome to the world Princess Aurelia.


your Tante Emma



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