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The Change-Maker

Sun-soaked mornings and
endless possibilities
Dawn is breaking

Usually I’m steeped in metaphor
but today I hardly need to be
Change is on the horizon and I
to a new day with birds chirping and everything

The smell of success is in the air
and it sparks a nagging fear of failure
as usual
but we forge ahead
Whatever will come
will come

I worry though
I have staked a claim in this
and yet
I know I rarely go down
with the ship
when it sinks
I usually manage to clamber up somehow

And then I stand atop the wreckage
and survey the damage
and say to myself
(and to anyone who will listen)

What good can we make of this mess?
What can we build now?

– EKG’13


No sooner have I captured my lovely moment of awakening
then it’s gone.
1 dog
2 cats and
15 emails vie
for my attention
They drag me out of bed and into
the realities of the daily grind
There are pets to feed
and vitamins to take and
appointments and deadlines and expectations to meet
It’s a day like any day
after all
and yet
the writing is flowing
so how bad could it be?
I chuckle and sigh
trying to recapture the spirit of that
endless possibility
uncharted horizons
unchecked excitement
moments like that are almost always fleeting
all blessed, sacred, holy things are
or maybe not
the holiest people are the constant ones
after all
but I digress
and the day is calling
and the dog is crying
and life marches endlessly on
lean into it



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