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Pearls & Pitbulls

I never thought I’d be a woman who wears pearls
They’re so…
and I’ve never seen myself that way

I liked “funky things” as a teenager
I tried to be original
I tended toward the unique
and interesting
I hated wearing what everyone else was wearing

and I definitely would have told you that pearls were for grandmothers

But now I battle a daily awareness
I’m 32 but I look more like 23
I’m a rabbi but I look more like your daughter
or granddaughter
or favorite niece
or so they like to tell me.

My 5 foot stature doesn’t help much either
and I refuse to cut my hair in a bob….
so…I wear pearls
I LOVE pearls now
They’re my “rabbi-wear”
for any days when anyone might be in doubt
(although usually it’s probably just me)

I wear the pearls and I hide the tattoos
(shhh. Don’t tell!)

I wear heels and I still
have to stand
on the Bar-Mitzvah kids’ stool
so people can see me

I wear lipstick and suit jackets and I don’t always recognize myself in the mirror

I wear the pearls
and I walk my PitBull down the street
defiant and
contradictory and
loving it

The pearls are my armor
The pearls are my confidence
The pearls are nothing

In the end I’m a rabbi
in pearls
in pajamas
in my Birth-Day-Suit

My smicha doesn’t get tucked into my jewelry box at the end of the day

and yet

I wear the pearls
and hide the tatoos
and walk the Pitbull

Defiant and
Contradictory and
Loving it


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