So excited to be heading off to CCAR’s annual convention in Long Beach, California! This year, the topic is:

“Rabbis Leading The Shift: Jewish Possiblity in a Rapidly Changing World”.

This is particularly exciting as this topic is something I think about

    A LOT

I’m a notorious worrier and an obsessive planner. They go hand in hand I guess. I’m always planning ahead and, more often than not, I have more than one plan in the works – just in case.

Plan A. Plan B. Plan C. It’s never-ending. And exhausting. And probably something I should discuss with my therapist (did you know all clever rabbis have therapists?). But I digress.

This tendency to worry and plan extends from planning my own life to a continuous silent dialogue with myself about how to prepare for the rapidly changing Jewish landscape. How do I navigate the shifting trends and how to I help my congregation to navigate them? What is a congregational rabbi to do if congregational life is truly on the decline? What should I be writing? Publishing? Learning? Teaching? What Jewish texts and values can guide me and my congregation and my colleagues as we face the sometimes exciting sometimes scary future of (Reform) Jewish life in North America (and don’t get me started on Israel!).
Whew! You can see how a rabbi might get tired!

In any case, I’m excited to move this dialogue out of the silent, overly-anxious realm of my own brain and into a more productive and public realm. I’m hoping the CCAR and the speakers they’ve arranged for really do have meaningful and relevant things to share with those of us “in the trenches”. I hope that I will feel not just renewed and refreshed but also relieved; to not be alone in this thinking; to feel a sense of collaboration and hope.

But whether or not the convention lives up to its title, it’ll be wonderful to see rabbi friends and family and to have some time to schmooze, catch up, learn and pray together.

Planning to share what I learn and do so stay tuned!


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